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The streets of El Masroig are narrow, simple and friendly. The most important building is the parish church, which points out because of its big dimensions, as if it belonged to a village with a larger population. The construction of the church dates from the last century, when the village experienced a strong growth, and it was necessary to provide a larger church. The inauguration of the new building took place in 1883. All the inhabitants participated in this construction. The building is Neo-classical, and still conserves a pavement of mood adobes that is very interesting.

The Hermitage of Les Pinyeres

The Hermitage of Les Pinyeres is situated in a place where some marvellous landscapes can be seen. This place used to be the point where the old Romance church of the village had been set, but there are only four walls and a facade of it that are still up. The Hermitage was rebuilt in the 18th.century, in a Neo-classical style.

It is interesting to visit the Pre-iberian inhabited place (1600-1500 b.C.).

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