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Celebrations and Traditions

The Winter "Festa Major" is celebrated on the Day of Sant Sebastià. It takes place on the closerst Saturaday to the 20th.of January. It is typical to eat a kind of cake called "coques ensucrades de Sant Sebastià". In the square of the village the people dance a typical dance, the "jotes".

As long as we can remember, the Feast of La Mare de Déu de Les Pinyeres is celebrated on the first Saturday after Easter. There are lots of visitors from all the county that meet there and spend a beautiful day in the Hermitage.

On the 24th. of August (Sant Bartomeu's Day), it is celebrated the Summer "Festa Major", that longs for five or six days.

Another important data is the 11th.of September. On this day, the "Aplec de Les Pinyeres" takes place in the village. In the morning, they meet at the Plaça de la Vila, and in the afternoon, the appointment is at the Plaça de l'Església. The Town Council invites to everybody to a typical breakfast. It is composed by herrings and grapes. In the afternoon, they can drink some hot chocolate.

From some years ago, the "Setmana Cultural" (the cultural week) is organised by the "Societat Cultural i Recreativa Flor de Maig" in the last week of October. There are a lot of activities such that lectures, exhibitions, kitchen competitions, etc..

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