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Town Council

Ajuntament del Masroig

Passeig Progrés, 1
43736 El Masroig
Priorat (Tarragona)

Telèfon: 977 82 51 26
Fax: 977 82 57 35

Correu electrònic:


Ferran Masip i Bargalló


1st Deputy Mayor:

Josep Rius i Vallés


Town councillors:

Ernest Folch i Mateu
Josep Vidal i Guiu
Andreu Fernandez i Asens
Albert Rovira i Balcells



Francisco Jose Pueyo Gracia


El Masroig is a municipality of 528 inhabitants. It does not have any government organ in the Town Council, and it functions by the Plenary Sessions. There are not any institution or entities either that are dependent of the Town Council. The popular participation is very important either in the social life of the villages and in the proper development of all the institutions and associations. Some of the entities and associations are:

"Cooperativa i Caixa Rural de Sant Bartomeu", "Societat Cultural i Recreativa Flor de Maig" (it holds the "Canya i Gram" magazine, the group of devils "Diables Coco Pere" and the gralla players "Bota del Racó"), Football Club, Associations of Pensioners, Hunters Association, Chess Club, etc..

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